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scs-storage-perth-truckWe’re dedicated to helping you find the best combination of services for your budget, and we guarantee you that we’ll be cheaper than our competitors by 10%.

And to show you how serious we are about value for money, we’d like to give you a little insight on how we help you to calculate the optimum price for you and all your storage requirements.

It all starts with getting to know you and what you need.

1) VOLUME of items?

This is where it all begins; it’s the starting point of any item’s storage journey. Maybe it’s out of place in your home, or it just needs a temporary home while you move to a different neighbourhood, but making the decision that you need to put your furniture or clothes or art or valuables somewhere else is the first hard decision that you’ll have to make. Once you’ve decided to commit some items into storage, we’ll help you determine whether our 7-ft “Mini-Mod”, or our 10-ft “Maxi-Mod”, or even a combination of these, would be the best fitting for the amount of things you want to place in our safe-keeping.

2) WHAT are you storing? SPECIAL CARE for your items?

Some items are more precious than others and need a little bit more TLC to preserve their value, whether it is the sentimental, or appraised monetary value. We want to make sure that even though the price you are paying is Super Cheap, you won’t see a compromise on the level of quality service. We offer climate controlled Portable Units, as well as an environmentally-sound and weather proof warehouse facility. Our Portable units are strategically placed and suspended over ground to minimize elemental exposure while in our care.

3) DURATION of storage?

We hope that our facilities are going to be around for a LONG, LONG time, so we’ve got packages available for you that span decades should that be what you need. And if you need our facilities on a shorter time frame, we’re ready to hold your items for as short as a month; even if you need our Portable Storage Units for a period shorter than that, we always put our customers first and we’ll be happy to assist you with refunding the unused portion of the contract so that you only pay for what you use.

Do give us a headsup first (1-2 weeks) so that we can ensure your things are ready for you to go when you need them.

4) Do you need HELP?

We are not only CHEAP and GOOD, we are COMPREHENSIVE too! We offer a variety of add-on services that are tailored so that you get exactly what you need to make your storage experience a breeze. Our Premium service basically combines all the frills of moving and transportation like extra hands to carry and pack for you while you supervise. If you want to keep costs low, you can refuse the add-ons and again, pay for exactly what you need.

Our experienced and helpful team is at the ready to help you out with a quick and easy to understand quotation – we’ll do our best to ensure that you get the perfect fit and value for YOUR money with SuperCheap Storage!

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