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Our Maxi Pod ~ 10 cubic meter

Large enough to fit as well large furniture and still add the bed and the mattress, other furniture and lots of boxes in it.

The 10 cubic meter maxi-mod is usually enough for a small 1 bedroom apartment or a studio.

Our Mini Pod ~ 7 cubic meter

You might not need all that much volume, so with our 7 cubic meter mini-mod you only pay for the storage space you need.

The 7 cubic meter storage module is usually enough for a small unit or studio.

Super Cheap Self Storage is not a traditional Storage company. We’re always on the lookout for new ways to enhance your storage experience with us so with our new industrial plywood portable storage unit, you can be sure that we’ve got something special on the cards to make your experience with our storage services truly memorable.

When our AFRA (Australian Furniture Removalist Association) certified men and women arrive at your location to pick up your items, from the moment you meet until the moment your items are parked in our warehouses they will treat every box of your items with the very best of care. Whether it’s clothes or files or furniture or heirloom art pieces, our Removalists know how to fit and pack your items with the best of padding to ensure that during transit and storage, your things will be safe and secure.

It helps that our transportable modules are super spacious!

The 7m3 “Mini-Mod” and the 10m3 “Maxi-Mod” offer you a great combination that you can utilize to fit your needs on moving day.

The modules are also made of super high quality plywood which allows inflow and outflow of fresh air into the container itself and this is going to make such a great difference with the freshness of your items in storage! At our warehouse, these mobile modules are even suspended off the ground so that it can get this ventilation from all sides.

Now just because there’s ventilation, that doesn’t apply to our security measure that we’ve put in at our facilities to ensure the safety and protection of your items. Our weatherproof premises are monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week to ensure that you only have peace of mind when you choose Super Cheap to be your storage provider.

Our employees are everyday people who know what it’s like to have to relocate and or make a big move and that just makes it easier for us to understand what you need from our storage services. So if you need a little more help, speak to our representatives. We’ll make it easy for you to choose the type of assistance you need – leave everything to us, we’ll take care of you.

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