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Because we are the experts in self storage, we’ll give you the best storage experience you’ve ever had.

If there’s one thing that Super Cheap Self Storage in Perth knows, it’s self storage. And that means we know how to best take care of all the things associated with storage – how to make things easier and reassuring when an everyday Joe decides to store items with some people who he’s never met before. And without lifting a finger

Super Cheap Self Storage Perth has the people and the mobile storage units to make it easier for you to shift, pack, organize and plan a big undertaking like long term self storage.

scs-perth-podsOur removal specialists have worked with many business owners and people just like yourself to save valuable time and money when relocating your office or your home to a different premise.

Super Cheap Self Storage Perth has AFRA (Australian Furniture Removalist Association) trained and certified men and women who have years of experience to handle any specialized equipment and any time-sensitive items like workstations and office desk systems. Rest assured that with them on the job, you’ll be back on the clock in no time!

Besides our great self storage plans, we’ve got lots of business partners who have been just as long standing and outstanding as us in their own individual industries; we can vouch for their tried and tested work that they are just as reliable as we are and they too, are ready to boost your timeline and give you the help you need for the move.

Our premium self storage services bundles a load of value-added services from our removalists arriving early at your doorstep to pack all your items for you, to providing with you with packing material so you can do it yourself, to manpower to load up the trucks and even when it involves looking at your new location, we offer a host of partners who have the same crazy minds as us to give you an insane deal!

Our partners are able to help you:

  • Clean Up
  • Paint your new place
  • Carry out pest surveillance control
  • Carry out Electrical maintenance
  • Remove rubbish and junk
  • Unpack after a hard day’s move

Even if you’re intending to handle a majority of the processes internally or on your own with some friends, we’ll be glad to share with you our expertise and help you along on your storage journey. But for all of you out there who enjoy sitting back while letting others handle the dirty and tiring work, then look no further, because we’ve got a service to match every possible job you’ve got in mind.

Just submit a quote request, or call and get your self storage journey with Super Cheap Self Storage Perth started TODAY!


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