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Super Cheap Self Storage Kwinana

For the people who like to know what’s going on and to be in control, we would love to help you plan out a concise working plan to show you exactly what you’ll be getting.

We Bring It

We drive the movable module to your doorstep


With our fleet of transportable storage units, you can count on it that moving things into storage will be a breeze with Super Cheap Self Storage!

Loading It

We can help you load the storage unit, or you can do it yourself if you prefer.


Our Removalists and transport team will take care of your items from start to finish. From your home to our facilities, everything is in our caring hands.

We Store It

Our team drives the mobile unit away to our storage warehouse


Only you get to lock and access your storage pod for maximum security. The storage pod will be kept within the topmost level of security at our warehouse.


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Self Storage Services for Kwinana

Storage Solutions

Super Cheap Self Storage has been providing both regular and new customers with super low-priced storage solutions for nearly a decade now. Our main attractive factor that has our whole clientele keeping our contact at the back of their mind has got to definitely be our Super Cheap rental rates. Apart from that, it is also our top-notch pre and post customer service that is always ready to lend a helping hand. All these factors get bundled in a combo that is friendly enough to keep everyone remembering solely Super Cheap Self Storage for all of their storage needs.

Storage Pods

Self storage is a pretty direct business whereby the concept is to have customers come to our self storage facility to load their items into our self storage units. However, at Super Cheap Self Storage, being unique is our forte. We have always been providing our customers with a difference in service to ensure your experience with us is effortless and convenient. We have on hand our storage pods that are portable which can be delivered right to your home. You simply need to load your things into it for us to transport it directly into our storage facility without any unloading necessary.

Storage Units

Super Cheap Self Storage has a comprehensive range of storage packages to cater to every single one of your preferred storage needs. They include a list of varying sizes of storage units to match how small or how large your storage requirements are. We have it all here, accompanied by attractive bundled offers that are value for money, charging you only for what you need. Simply measure the items that you need to store for a rough estimate on the storage unit size to book with the help of our storage calculator. Everything is readily available at your very disposal.

Mobile Storage Solutions for Kwinana

Competitive Prices for Storage

Every industry has their similarities which every business owner would need to practice in order to entice customers on a regular basis. One of such common factors has got to be an affordable range of prices and at Super Cheap Self Storage, we take it a step further by providing Super Cheap competitive storage rates. This will enable anyone and just about everyone to be able to afford that additional storage from as low as only $2.84/day! No, we are not kidding and we have all the attractive packages as our proof to you.

Always affordable Storage

Self storage has become like a commodity for a huge percentage of households. In order to reach out to this target audience, Super Cheap Self Storage has always been providing storage solutions at super affordable rates. This way, we can ensure everyone will be able to afford the external storage they need and truly deserve. This is one of the main objectives of Super Cheap Self Storage which we work hard to achieve and have since been the real reason behind our returning customers and new customers highly recommended by this same group of people.

About Kwinana

Kwinana is originally a local indigenous Australian word meaning either “young woman” or “pretty maiden”. The ship SS Kwinana was wrecked on Cockburn Sound in 1922, and blown on to the beach. The original village at Kwinana Beach was rezoned ‘industrial’, and scheduled for resumption and compulsory purchase as early as 1953 – apparently unbeknown to the residents.
Starting with the Kwinana wreck at Wells Park (named for the postmistress, Clara Wells, who inadvertently named the area in 1922), the Kwinana Beach coastline down to Rockingham is now largely used as beach and recreation areas. The Kwinana wreck itself is now an unrecognisable, short concreted line-fishing jetty.
Kwinana Beach is home to the Perth Motorplex which incorporates an international standard drag racing strip, and a 520 metres dirt track speedway.

Try Our “Quick Quote” Service

Fill out your details below and we’ll give you a call back as soon as we can.

Find out how much space you need with our Storage Calculator