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Super Cheap Self Storage Joondalup

Super Cheap Self Storage Joondalup will make life easier for you

Our method of self storage is tailored to give you exactly what you need – A BREAK!

We Bring It

We drive the movable module to your doorstep


With our fleet of transportable storage units, you can count on it that moving things into storage will be a breeze with Super Cheap Self Storage!

Loading It

We can help you load the storage unit, or you can do it yourself if you prefer.


Our Removalists and transport team will take care of your items from start to finish. From your home to our facilities, everything is in our caring hands.

We Store It

Our team drives the mobile unit away to our storage warehouse


Only you get to lock and access your storage pod for maximum security. The storage pod will be kept within the topmost level of security at our warehouse.


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Solutions For All Your Needs

Whether you have special furniture or document items or business equipment due for storage, we’ll help you work out the details so you get exactly what you need, with as little or as much involvement as you wish. Our team has lots of experience to handle the most delicate and fragile things and even bulky items. They’ll be as considerate and caring with whatever you’ve placed under our care so you don’t have to worry when you’ve asked us to step into your shoes.

Hyper Breathable Material

And besides our people, the breathable plywood containers themselves are a guarantee too! Our Mini and Maxi mod containers are made of hyper breathable material which will seal in the freshness of your items yet allow them to get the ventilation it needs while in storage. No matter what the season is, your items are as good as the day they went in until the day you need your items again, and then some! We’ve got climate controlled units too if you think that you require that extra touch of protection.

And the depth of our service to you doesn’t stop there. Ease your worries by visiting your personal storage unit at our facilities for free between Mondays to Saturdays – we’re ready to show you just how well your things are being taken care of!

Give Us a Heads Up So We Can Bring You Around

Your personal Storage Unit(s) will be watched 24-7 in our weatherproof warehouse buildings and give us a heads-up whenever you’re coming by so we’ll have our cheerful security and a friendly hand to bring you around when you decide to drop by.
Give us a call at Super Cheap Self Storage, your storage solutions really can’t get any easier than this!

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Joondalup is a city that is far north from Perth, Western Australia. It is part of the Corridor Plan for Perth to create sub-regional’ retail centres away from the main CBD. It is bordered by Lake Joondalup but includes Yellagonga Regional Park and Malup Island in its territory. A number of other small parks dot the area such as the Windermere and Blue Lake Park. The home ground for the West Perth Football Club is here at the Arena Joondalup, or HBF Arena too.
The main shopping belt is on the Grand Boulevard while the main public facilities such as tthe Joondalup library (nestled in the Council Chambers building), the Joondalup Health Campus, the Western Australia Police Academy as well as the Joondalup offices of the Australian Electoral Commission. Of notable mention is the yearly free to attend Joondalup Festival which hosts music and markets.

Leave All The Work To Us

Have you ever had someone come along and just take work off your hands? A “Hey mate, go take a break. I’ll take care of this.” Someone trusted and reliable, someone who you know will get the job done. Everyone knows how much work relocation and moving things around is. Whether you’re going to a new neighbourhood or expanding your office, there are a lot of things to worry about when it comes to logistics and storing.
You can breathe that sigh of relief, kick off your shoes, head off for your well-deserved relax time and leave the work to us because that’s exactly what Super Cheap Self Storage intends to do with you!

Help Us To Help You

At Super Cheap Self Storage, we pride ourselves in taking matters into OUR hands and making self storage a group effort. We’ll help you to plan up a solid work plan to pack, load and move your belongings into our safe and secure warehouse the moment you give us the green light.
We have a team that will be with you every step of the way. It can be very stressful and especially on moving day itself because there are so many things to keep track of. Being AFRA trained, our front men and women who will meet and greet you with your own personal Mobile Storage Unit are equipped with the skills to pack your knick knacks, load the boxes and protect them with extra padding that we provide for free and transport your sealed Unit right from your doorstep straight to our warehouses!

Try Our “Quick Quote” Service

Fill out your details below and we’ll give you a call back as soon as we can.

Find out how much space you need with our Storage Calculator