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Super Cheap Self Storage Ellenbrook

At Super Cheap Self Storage, we do it just like YOU would do it.

For the people who like to know what’s going on and to be in control, we would love to help you plan out a concise working plan to show you exactly what you’ll be getting.

We Bring It

We drive the movable module to your doorstep


With our fleet of transportable storage units, you can count on it that moving things into storage will be a breeze with Super Cheap Self Storage!

Loading It

We can help you load the storage unit, or you can do it yourself if you prefer.


Our Removalists and transport team will take care of your items from start to finish. From your home to our facilities, everything is in our caring hands.

We Store It

Our team drives the mobile unit away to our storage warehouse


Only you get to lock and access your storage pod for maximum security. The storage pod will be kept within the topmost level of security at our warehouse.


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Only At Your Preferred Timing

Just make a booking with us! You can choose from 3 different pick up times to ensure that you get your job done when you need it. By this time, we’d already have noted your preferences and arranged for the right size and number of Portable Storage Units to arrive at your place at the allocated time in the morning or in the arvo for you to supervise the moving and loading of your unit. Our team will be as punctual as possible, but they’ll send you a “warning” message when they’re a short while away from your location so you can get gussied up and prepared to get the day’s work underway.

Free Access 6 Days A Week

Once your personal portable storage units has reached our warehouses, you can come and visit your belongings between Mondays and Saturdays for free! If you need to come by on short notice, just give us as much notice as possible so that we can prepare your things for your inspection and access. If you need to collect your items, give us a heads-up again so that we can facilitate all the necessary administrative arrangements and make the transition as seamless as possible for you!

A Thousand Tips For Your Storage Needs

Our advice and guidance is free too! So feel free to ask us how to go about fitting in your glassware or vacuum sealing your linens so that they’re kept fresh the whole time they’re in your personal Mobile Storage Unit. Or even take our advice and put your own little spin on it – we want you to be completely satisfied with how things are being handled at Super Cheap Self Storage Solutions.
Our range of services are right at the end of that telephone line – we’re ready to accommodate all your self storage specifications; we have no lock-in contracts and our ready and able movers and packers will be just like family. We’re sure that you’ll be able to appreciate our dedication throughout your entire experience with us. Your choice, your way! We want you to have a smooth experience with Super Cheap Self Storage solutions – just as if there were no middle man, and you had all this space at your disposal the whole time!

Unsure of how much storage space you need?

Try our Storage Calculator!


Ellenbrook is located in the north east of Perth in the City of Swan. The suburb is named after the wife of Western Australia’s first Governor – Captain James Stirling, whose name is Ellen.
The city is developed and designed by the Ellenbrook Joint Venture which comes from a partnership between the Department of Housing and Works and Morella Pty Ltd . The idea is for Dianella to be self-sustainable with plenty of plans for it to develop into a satellite city in the coming years. The development grows by “villages”, the first of which was named Woodlake Village. Other villages followed in quick succession and include The Bridges, Coolamon, Morgan Fields, Charlotte’s Vineyard, Malvern Springs, Lexia and Annie’s Landing.
A number of the natural green land has been incorporated into public spaces and include Lake Fresca, Vaucluse Park, Woodlake park and Anna Plains Park. Other notable public areas are the Ellenbrook Dog Exercise Park which sits next to the Coolamon Oval.

Always Reliable & Most Efficient

The Super Cheap Self Storage Solutions team is proud to declare our services the most efficient and reliable service in the moving and storage systems in the market. Our services are quicker and simpler than any other conventional moving system in the market. We’ll bring our services (and our portable storage units) right to your front door and give you as much or as little help as you require so that things happen just the way you need things to happen.

We Take It From Your Doorstep

With our standard storage services, we supply your personal portable storage unit(s) and personally see to its delivery and arrival at our warehouses. You don’t have to pick up a rental vehicle to ferry everything over and you can even opt for the convenience of our team to collect, load and protect your packed boxes before you seal your portable storage unit(s) with your personal padlock and chain when you pick our premium storage services.

Try Our “Quick Quote” Service

Fill out your details below and we’ll give you a call back as soon as we can.

Find out how much space you need with our Storage Calculator