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Super Cheap Self Storage North Perth

For the people who like to know what’s going on and to be in control, we would love to help you plan out a concise working plan to show you exactly what you’ll be getting.

We Bring It

We drive the movable module to your doorstep


With our fleet of transportable storage units, you can count on it that moving things into storage will be a breeze with Super Cheap Self Storage!

Loading It

We can help you load the storage unit, or you can do it yourself if you prefer.


Our Removalists and transport team will take care of your items from start to finish. From your home to our facilities, everything is in our caring hands.

We Store It

Our team drives the mobile unit away to our storage warehouse


Only you get to lock and access your storage pod for maximum security. The storage pod will be kept within the topmost level of security at our warehouse.


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Self Storage Services for North Perth

Storage Facilities

Our Super Cheap Self Storage facility has expanded its whereabouts to about anywhere across Australia with at least one facility at almost every city here. We are located everywhere just to ensure that you would gain access to your storage unit regardless of where your location is.

We would like you to have the convenience you need when you unload your things at our premise and whenever you would like to retrieve them later.

About Pert – North

North Perth consists of a large area of settlement on thin strip of land between the Indian Ocean and the Gnangara-Moore River State Forest all the way up to Lake Joondalup. The Mitchell Freeway and Reid Highway cross across the upper region of Perth as well.
There are a number of cities and suburbs to the North of Perth including the city of Bayswater which hosts the North of Perth’s Music Festival and annual Autumn River Festival, Claremont town – which hosts the annual Perth Royal Show for agriculture, Ellenbrook – Ellenbrook seasonal (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Christmas Festivals), Joondalup – for the lake activities, City of Stirling (Summerset Arts Festival, the Stirling and Balga markets), City of Subiaco (Ampfest and Race around Subi) and the City of Wanneroo (Eats & Beats 2015).

Storage Insurance

We would not be keeping our promise if our storage is the only thing that is cheap. Our storage insurance has also joined the bandwagon, starting at only $1.50/month depending on the floor size of your storage unit. Now, you can have that storage space with that level of assurance with an added insurance coverage to your storage plan.

That is the combo deal we are offering to you so as to keep our branding as SUPERcheap as possible for everyone to enjoy and afford.


Why not read up on what people think about Super Cheap Self Storage here

“I’d just like to say that your customer service offers have been so extremely attentive to my needs and in helping me to get ready for moving into my storage unit. I’ve taken their advice to heart and am glad to say that I’m truly ready for everything to go! Thank you Super Cheap Self Storage!

Amy J, Perth

“Super Cheap Self Storage, you have officially converted me into a self storage convert! I didn’t expect things to go so smoothly on moving day and I’m just glad that I finally made the choice to get my stuff packed up! Please keep it up. Cheers!

Maddison T, Perth

“Your low prices “I would like to express my thanks to the Super Cheap Self Storage team who came over on the weekend. Through the Premium package they did an excellent job with moving everything into the storage unit quickly and safely – I definitely would not have been able to handle all the items myself.

Hamish P, Perth

Mobile Storage Solutions for Perth North

About Us

Managed by some of the best in the industry, Super Cheap Self Storage delivers professional storage and removal facilities at the best prices in the country since 2008. Operated by the most competent storage service providers in the business, Super Cheap Self Storage provides its customers with the best services at the most competitive rates in Australia.

Get in touch with us today and let us know what your requirements are. We promise to provide you with the best quote within one working day.

Storage Services

From loading of your furniture into our moving storage pod to extra wadding and protective padding, our comprehensive premium removal and storage service options ensure your peace of mind. Self storage and removal facility can be an intimidating task. If you don’t wish to deal with the stress, our all-inclusive premium service can handle the job for you, leaving you with a stress-free state of mind.

Quality Standards

Our efficient and revolutionary storage solutions are so easy to use that they make moving and self-storage a breeze!

• Our high tech moving storage containers are highly portable and can be delivered right to your doorsteps
• Simply transfer the possessions that need to be stored right into the storage pod. No fuss, no hassle! When you’re done, just lock it up with your own padlock and it will be sent to our storage facility for safeguarding.
• Our storage modules are all-purpose and can be used for homes as well as businesses. Some of our clients include businesses that require a cost effective storage system for their stock and supplies.

Try Our “Quick Quote” Service

Fill out your details below and we’ll give you a call back as soon as we can.

Find out how much space you need with our Storage Calculator