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Super Cheap Self Storage Solutions near Ringwood

We Bring It

We transport the storage to you!


Our portable storage business brings you clean and fresh storage units to your doorstep. You can load up from the comfort of your home and at your own pace!

Loading It

Our helpful removalists can do the heavy-lifting while you relax, if you prefer.


We ensure that our removalists are well trained and properly equipped to make loading up your storage unit a quick and efficient process. All of your items are safe in our hands!

We Store It

Safe storage with Super Cheap Self Storage at our warehouse.


Once everything is packed up and loaded, your storage pod heads back with us to our storage warehouse where they sit in a secure and weatherproof location.


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Self Storage Services for Ringwood

Handling of Furniture

Moving out is not just about handling storage boxes and bags of personal items. However, Super Cheap Self Storage has an entire team of professional removalists handling the most bulky of items like heavy equipment and bulky furniture. They are all AFRA-trained to help ease your moving-out burden without any hassle. They will help you to move your furniture down flights of stairs if your apartment has no elevators so as to prevent any injuries from being inflicted on you and your loved ones.

They will also wrap them up to prevent damages and to ensure your furniture remains in their original condition.

Cost-efficient Storage

Super Cheap Self Storage aims to consistently provide affordable self storage to all of our customers. Business owners and homeowners have been our loyal customers returning back after their storage term to fulfil all of their storage needs. Having storage facilities all across Australia, we can ensure that everyone will get the storage unit that they need. Our prices have always been on the low with rental rates starting from just $2.94/day, making it affordable for just about anyone to have that additional storage they truly need. Contact us today to find out more about our attractive packages.

Low-cost Storage

What is the main factor that consumers often look out for before making a purchase? At Super Cheap Self Storage, we have been noticing a consumer trend and that is often the factor of price that influences a person’s buying decision. Super Cheap Self Storage only charges our customers for self storage services that start from as low as $2.94/day which is super affordable. This is to support the needs of all of our customers to ensure that everyone gets to rent that additional storage space they need on a daily basis.

When you need low-cost self storage, remember Super Cheap Self Storage.

Cheap Storage Services for Ringwood

Low Price with High Quality

At Super Cheap Self Storage, we are unlike any other companies. We do not provide self storage at a high price to compensate the high quality storage units we have. Our storage units are individually built with industrial grade plywood which creates a clean environment internally. This supports a smooth airflow which prevents moulds and odours from forming. Regardless of how much it costs to build this fundamentally strong foundation for every storage unit, we still ensure to only charge our self storage customer a low price to keep true to our branding.

The Only Cheapest Storage

There are many self storage facilities in town which you can easily gain access to. However, are their rental prices the same as Super Cheap Self Storage? Here, we only charge you self storage rates that start from as low as $2.94/day making it affordable for just about anyone. We also guarantee a high quality of storage units which prevents moulds and odours from forming to ensure your storage content does not deteriorate in condition. Come down to any of our self storage facilities to find out the storage options we have in store to offer to you.

About Ringwood

Ringwood is a suburb of South East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, with local government area as the City of Maroondah and had a population of 10,009 as of 2011. Ringwood has many parks reserves, most notably, Ringwood Lake. Ringwood village emerged in the mid to late 19th century, following the 1850s land sales. Before this, Ringwood was used primarily for agriculture.

In 1882, the construction of the Hawthorn to Lilydale railway through the suburb caused Ringwood to emerge as a more notable town. The suburb has two Australian Rules football teams, the Norwood Norsemen, who are the current Division 1 Eastern Football League (EFL) premiers, whose home ground is Mullum Reserve. The second team is the Ringwood Redbacks who play in Division 3 of the EFL, at Jubilee Park

Unsure of how much storage space you need?

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Try Our “Quick Quote” Service

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Find out how much space you need with our Storage Calculator