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Super Cheap Self Storage Solutions near Mordialloc

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Our portable storage business brings you clean and fresh storage units to your doorstep. You can load up from the comfort of your home and at your own pace!

Loading It

Our helpful removalists can do the heavy-lifting while you relax, if you prefer.


We ensure that our removalists are well trained and properly equipped to make loading up your storage unit a quick and efficient process. All of your items are safe in our hands!

We Store It

Safe storage with Super Cheap Self Storage at our warehouse.


Once everything is packed up and loaded, your storage pod heads back with us to our storage warehouse where they sit in a secure and weatherproof location.


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Self Storage Services for Mordialloc

Cheap Self-Storage

It is at times beyond our control just how much belongings we really own throughout the years. Whether it is the bulky equipment that needs garage space or just the rooms need de-cluttering, we would definitely appreciate some additional storage. Super Cheap Self Storage wants you to realise that you should not be deprived of what you truly need. Cheap self storage rental rates start from only $2.94/day making it affordable for you and anyone else to afford that extra space you have always wanted and needed.

Storage Prices

People are often afraid to come forward to make enquiries about a certain product or service that they need or they just do not have the time to do so. Instead of making wild guesses, approach our friendly storage advisors to know your storage options and how they are really affordable. Super Cheap Self Storage makes our self storage cheap so as to enable just about anyone to afford to store with us so as to have a peace of mind at home or in the office with clutters that just need to go.

Storage and Handling of Bulk Items

At Super Cheap Self Storage, our professional removalists are AFRA-trained to ensure that your items are handled in a proper and secure manner. This will guarantee the safety of our employees as well as the safety of even your most bulky and heavy items. Whether it is the set of furniture pieces that you need to have removed or transported, or those heavy equipment from the office that need to be disposed of, we have just the right manpower for the task. We have the necessary manpower as well as equipment if needed to handle the job without any issues.

Cheap Storage Services for Mordialloc

Cost of Storage

Looking at our brand name, you would have guessed by now that our self storage is indeed super cheap. Super Cheap Self Storage charges rental rates from as low as just $2.94/day which means that you can start storing with us anytime with such affordable rates. We also have a list of other attractive packages if you also require our moving-related services like packing, removal, and even trucking. Contact us today and speak to any of our friendly storage advisors to discuss your options today. Don’t miss out on our deals especially when you hire even more services!

Long-Term Basis Storage

It is the same for most businesses whereby longer contractual terms mean cheaper rates. The same practice is what we apply to our rental rates and packages here at Super Cheap Self Storage. Many of our current customers have been treating our storage facilities like their second home due to our vastly located storage facilities all across Australia. Some of them have the longest storage agreement due to our security as well as affordable rates. We will never run out of storage units even for new customers so do not be afraid of being chased out of your own units.

About Mordialloc

Mordialloc, also known simply as Mordi, is a suburb in South East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, with local government area as the City of Kingston and a population of 7,537 as of 2011. The name is derived from the term moordy yallock which originated from the Aboriginal language Boonwurrung, which is listed in some sources as meaning muddy creek. The suburb has an Australian Rules football team competing in the Southern Football League.

Golfers play at the course of the Woodlands Golf Club on White Street, Mordialloc. The Epsom Park Horse Racing track was situated in Mordialloc. In 2008, Doug Denyer Reserve, situated in Epsom Park hosted it first ever cricket season with Mordialloc Redbacks being the home team, Redbacks being a part of the Mordialloc Cricket Club.

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Try Our “Quick Quote” Service

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Find out how much space you need with our Storage Calculator