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Super Cheap Self Storage Solutions near Cranbourne

We Bring It

We transport the storage to you!


Our portable storage business brings you clean and fresh storage units to your doorstep. You can load up from the comfort of your home and at your own pace!

Loading It

Our helpful removalists can do the heavy-lifting while you relax, if you prefer.


We ensure that our removalists are well trained and properly equipped to make loading up your storage unit a quick and efficient process. All of your items are safe in our hands!

We Store It

Safe storage with Super Cheap Self Storage at our warehouse.


Once everything is packed up and loaded, your storage pod heads back with us to our storage warehouse where they sit in a secure and weatherproof location.


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Self Storage Services for Cranbourne

Portable Storage Pod

We are homeowners ourselves so we know just how much time and work are needed to move out. The packing is usually the most dreaded process followed by the laborious loading and unloading of items onto the truck and eventually another round onto the storage unit. Super Cheap Self Storage has a portable storage pod that can be delivered right to your doorstep to enable you to perform loading and unloading from the comfort of your location. If you need help with the packing and the laborious removal, our team of removalists will be ready at your disposal.

Mobile Storage Unit

Wouldn’t it be tiring for you to load your items onto a moving truck before unloading them all back again upon reaching the storage unit? Super Cheap Self Storage can make it much easier for you with our mobile storage unit. We will have it delivered right to your location regardless of the location so that you can perform the loading and unloading only once. We will then directly bring it back to our storage facility so you can save on transportation fees as well. It is all about staying convenient and being cost-efficient when you move and store with Super Cheap Self Storage.

Business Storage

Nowadays, not only homeowners make up our client base but corporate customers make up a large percentage of our portfolio as well. Those business owners who are doing retail and need additional space for their inventory come to Super Cheap Self Storage for affordable and accessible storage solutions. Those companies who need a secure storage holdout area for their archiving and documentation needs also come to us to seek their storage solutions. We also have various attractive deals and offers for our business to business customers especially those who store long-term with us.

Cheap Storage Services for Cranbourne

All-in-one Packages

It does not matter even if you are alone handling your moving day by yourself and have more than just lots of items to be moved. Super Cheap Self Storage will be your companion throughout the whole actual moving day to ensure that your otherwise hectic experience and be changed to an effortless one. Our team of AFRA-trained removalists can handle every single dreaded process like packing and laborious workload like loading and removal. We will also deliver a portables storage unit to your location so as to save time and effort in order for your moving day to end early to allow you to rest without a single sweat.

Mobile Modules

There are many packages that Super Cheap Self Storage offers to our customers. You can select wisely according to your removal and storage needs so as to be charged only for services that you need. We can have a mobile module delivered to your doorstep if you feel that it is much more convenient and easy to perform loading and unloading right there and then, or you can come to our storage facility as per your preference. If ever you feel the need to have a helping hand, simply let our team know so our removalists can be on standby on site.

About Cranbourne

Cranbourne is a suburb/semi rural area in the outer south east of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, with local government area as the City of Casey. As of 2011, Cranbourne had a population of 18,622. The greater Cranbourne area consists of Cranbourne, Cranbourne North, Cranbourne East and Cranbourne West.

Prior to European settlement the Cranbourne area is thought to have been occupied by the Boonwurrung Aboriginal people. The area was greatly opened up by settlers from the 1860s. Cranbourne Post Office had opened on 1 August 1857. In the south of Cranbourne is the Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne, and the Cranbourne Racecourse & Recreation Reserve.

FReZza or Spectrum Entertainment run occasional youth programs including All Ages music events, charity programs and other youth services.

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Try Our “Quick Quote” Service

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Find out how much space you need with our Storage Calculator