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Super Cheap will get you from Here to There

Whether it be planning a cross country relocation or even just to a new neighbourhood, we have so much help to give when you pick Super Cheap Self Storage Melbourne for your storage solution.

With your business storage or furniture storage needs, Super Cheap has planned out and practiced all of the tips that we dish out to you. How to look after your upholstery, and how to ensure that your furniture has the best care while in storage are just some tips that our staff have collected over the years from other customers or even on their own time researching for information!

Our specialists work with many businesses to make sure that they don’t lose valuable time when they’re relocating an entire office to a different premise. Work stations and office desk systems need to be torn down and set up with precision. Super Cheap Self Storage is proud to boast that we’ve been a trusted partner in offering all these value-added services on top of our top notch storage facilities.

Super Cheap Self Storage Melbourne’s extra Moving Solutions are not just about fantastic and reliable storage for your items, but also for what else we can do to give you that great experience while keeping your things with us. Whether it’s for the short or the long term we’ve got ideas and initiatives to maintain the quality of your belongings for however long it takes.

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We’ve got a bunch of partners and affiliates who are dear friends in the business of relocation and moving.

Besides our great storage plans, we’ve got lots of business partners who have been just as longstanding and outstanding as us in their own individual industries; we can vouch for their tried and tested work that they are just as reliable as we are and they too, are ready to boost your timeline and give you the help you need for the move.

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving far or near because just like us, they offer trusted and reliable services like:

  • Cleaning up
  • Painting your new place
  • Pest control
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Rubbish removal
  • Unpacking services

Whichever storage solution you require, Super Cheap Self Storage Melbourne is able to help you in more ways than you would expect.