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Eliminate the Hassle of moving your stuff with Our Super Cheap Self Storage Service on the Melbourne

Our Advanced Portable Storage Module

Sometimes it takes more than simply boxing up items and placing them in your garage or attic for safe keeping, and we recognize this fact. We work to eliminate many of the legitimate concerns regarding the safety of your priceless items. The good news is that our Company takes steps to provide you peace of mind during this process. Most storage companies make you do all of the work, and storage fees can become quite pricey. At Super Cheap Self Storage Melbourne we have taken steps to remain the best and the cheapest option for people who want to hire professionals to solve their storage issues.

Are you sick of storage facilities which have limited options, unfriendly staff and a ‘make money first’ mentality? If you are, then our company is the way to go. We use an Advanced Portable Storage Module to make life easier on you. These modules are portable, safe and secure. You have 2 main size choices when it comes to selecting which module is right for your own situation. We offer a ‘Mini-Mod’ which contains up to 7 cubic metres of space for your items. These are great for packing smaller amounts of work materials and office supplies. People also choose this size to house boxes of clothes and collectables.

In contrast, our ‘Maxi-Mod’ allows up to 10 cubic metres of storage space. This is a great choice for machinery, furniture, bed items, collectables, desks, chairs and much more. You can order as many modules as you need, and our expert team at Super Cheap Self Storage Melbourne will work with you over the phone to determine which module size is the right one for you.

Our Modules Protect Your Goods

All of our portable modules are made with industrial strength plywood. So, why is this important? The main reason is that it keeps moisture out of the modules. Moisture can wreak havoc on wood and fabric. If you have ever seen what water damage can cause, then you understand why this is so important. Mold and mildew not only smells awful, but it breaks down fabrics and discolors the finish of wood furniture and damages precious musical instruments. When water and moisture comes into contact with wood, it makes the wood expand. The effects can be devastating, and some of your most important wood items can become disfigured as a result.

Electronics suffer a similar fate when they come into contact with water. Expensive stereo systems, TV’s, computers and other electronics will never work again if they are stored in a leaky module. This is why we take care to ensure that all of the self storage units are leak-free. Additionally, all of our plywood modules are stored off of the ground to further prevent against damage to your items.

We Offer Unparalleled Delivery Options

Our company operates from the principle that customer needs are the first priority. That said, we provide flexible delivery options of your portable module so that you can conduct your storage work when it is convenient for you. There are 3 different time frames in which you can choose to conduct your move with us. These include the early bird, which runs from 7:00-8:00 AM, the mid-morning, between 9:00-12:00 PM, and the afternoon, from 1:00-4:00 PM. With this many pick up options, you have more than enough time to plan your storage day accordingly.

All Of Our Movers Are Professional

All of our movers at Super Cheap Self Storage Melbourne are Australian Furniture Removalist Association, or AFRA, certified. This makes them much more qualified than many other competing storage companies. We get the job done safely and quickly, without ruining your items in the process. Our company treats each item as if we own it ourselves, so you can be sure that your valuable items will remain intact.

At Super Cheap Self Storage Melbourne we strive to offer more value than what you’ll pay for. Our prices start from as little as $3.25 per day for your peace of mind, added security, and more space for your business or home.

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