Portable Storage Units

Portable Storage Units Gold Coast

These hassles are instantly eliminated now with mobile or portable storage because we bring the storage to you!

Portable storage units are a relatively new concept on the Gold Coast. Most people are familiar with traditional storage facilities which have you rent a moving-truck, pack and load your belongings, then drive to the storage facilities to start the hard work in unloading and moving all your items to your newly rented storage unit.

Advanced Portable Storage System

Our Maxi Pod ~ 10 cubic meter

Our Maxi-Pod, with its 10 cubic meters of storage space, is a great choice for larger items such as various machinery, furniture, beds, and much more. If you pack it in correctly, we can fit a whole small flat in there for you. Our knowledgeable team at Super Cheap Self Storage will work with you to determine which module size is best for you, ensuring you get the best value for money.

The 10 cubic meter maxi-pod is usually enough for a small 1 bedroom apartment or a studio.

Super Cheap Portable Storage saves you time, trouble, and money.

All you have to do is to book a portable storage unit with Super Cheap Self Storage Gold Coast, then one of our super convenient portable storage units is delivered wherever and whenever you need it.

Protection for Your Goods

Our storage modules are designed to offer your items maximum security and protection. We had them crafted from industrial grade plywood. This prevents moisture from building up inside the unit and also helps keep mould and mildew from growing on anything inside. Mildew and moisture alone can ruin any upholstered furniture or electronic device. Our climate-controlled units will ensure that this doesn’t happen to your treasured belongings. And to further assure you that your valuable items will remain safe from mother nature, each unit is lifted off the floor by a few inches, just to give it some added protection against any sort of dampness. Storing with Super Cheap Self Storage takes all the pressure and stress out of moving. Breathe easy knowing that your items will stay clean, dry, and safe.

Whether we pack it for you, or you choose the standard package and load it yourself, padded protection for your items will always be included free of charge. This is essential to keeping your items secure while in transit, and an added protection that other storage facilities or truck rental companies simply do not include.

Maximum Efficiency

With our portable storage unit, there is no double handling. At Supercheap Self Storage, once your goods are loaded into the module, they’re good to go. No more transit or moving or labour time; none of that extra stress and labor that comes along with traditional storage methods. When you’re ready to grab your items from storage, we can transport the module directly to you, or you can choose to come and pick it up yourself. Did we mention that our moving crews are AFRA (Australian Furniture Removalist Association) trained and certified? This guarantees that they know how to get the job done safely, quickly and with no damage to your precious items.

Skip the hassle of renting a truck and breaking your back with the traditional storage method. Why not use Super Cheap Self Storage instead? Portable storage solutions allow you to load and store your items at your convenience and with less than half of the work.
You decide whether you want a short or long-term storage. The rental periods start from minimum one-week periods, with no long-term contract or penalty fees. From there, you can increase the amount of time needed. The best deals of course, for longer-term storage options. Give us a call and let Super Cheap Self Storage handle all of your moving and storage needs.

Both units come with a secure padlock that only you have access to. You will lock the storage unit after loading it up and be the only one able to unlock it. After locking the key, forget about the rest, because we do it all. We’ll then transport the unit to our warehouse safely loaded and locked securely.


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