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Whether your self storage needs are for personal or business reasons, at Supercheap Self Storage Gold Coast Storage we’ve got all your unique self storage requirements covered.

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With our modern portable storage systems and state-of-the-art facilities, you can expect the level of professionalism and quality service from our expert teams who are ready to help make your transition smooth and hassle free. We eliminate many of the headaches associated with transferring items through our unique portable module storage system. Let’s take a look at why we continue to be the best and cheapest choice for your self storage needs in Australia.

People who choose Supercheap self storage Gold Coast Self Storage Gold Coast have some great service options to select from. If you are someone who enjoys packing and transporting your goods on your own or are on a budget, then the Traditional Service option might be just for you. This service operates off of the principle that you will transport and load your belongings into a portable module at our warehouse. We offer a fixed price, and you can discuss your preferred storage date with one of our customer service representatives by giving us a call.

The Standard Self Storage Service is perfect if you prefer to be the one who packs and loads all of your items, yet you want our movers to handle the transportation. Our qualified team will deliver the suitable module to your door for you to start packing everything you need to fit inside. The great thing about this option is that you can call to get the best quote for the right sized module, before it is delivered. You can then load the module yourself on your time. Simply set up a date for delivery and pick up, and one of our staff will come and deliver the unit. It is important to make sure that all of your items are ready to load when we arrive. We will offer our professional advice on how to pack your items so that they all fit safely inside the module as well.

People who choose our Premium Self Storage Service option are in for a real treat. In fact, over 85% of our customers opt for this service. Those who do not have the time or ability to move large amounts of items into their portable modules will benefit from this package. You really only need to provide key pieces of information for this package, such as the types of items to store and when they need to be stored. Our experts at Supercheap Self Storage Gold Coast Storage will then handle all of the hard work so that you do not have to. Once you elect to go with this service option, you can expect 2 of our employees to come to your business or residence. They will handle everything such as loading, proper packing and safe transport. Simply sit back and allow our professionals to take care of you.

All of the great self storage service options offered at Supercheap Self Storage Gold Coast Storage allow you to save time and money. We understand that your time is valuable, so you can expect us to arrive at the proper destination when we say we are going to be there. Additionally, you can expect to save a good amount of money when you choose us over our competitors.  Competitive pricing allows us to charge as low as $3.25 per day. The reason why more people turn to our company is because we simply outperform the competition. If you get a quote from a rival moving service, we will beat their estimate by up to 10%, which is more than any other company in the area.

There are several factors involved when it comes to our incredible pricing options. Included in pricing is the number of items you need to store, and depending on this number, the size of the module you will need. Our industry experts will never try to convince you to go with a larger module for the sake of charging you more money. The length of time that you choose to store your items also affects the price. If you choose to store your items for longer periods of time with us, then you can expect your monthly price to be much lower. For example, you’ll receive one month free self storage if you pay for 6 months storage upfront. This is just one of the advantages of choosing us. Additional costs such as materials used for packing will be factored into the overall price as well. You really cannot go wrong with our forward-thinking vision and what you are quoted is what you will pay. No surprises.

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