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Self Storage Facility Robina

We Bring It

Our team brings the portable pod to your location

We Bring It

Super Cheap Self Storage has built-in the transportation of your self storage unit into our system. No more having to worry about how you will get things to the warehouse!

Loading It

We are here whether you decide to load the storage unit on your own or need our help.

Loading It

Our Removalists are experienced in handling all sorts of items from your home or office. Let us load your items into our moving vans while you sit back and relax

We Store It

We take the transportable unit away to our safe and secure warehouse

We Store It

Security is our main priority, so you will lock your own storage pod to gain sole access from our facility. We will transport the storage pod to our facility where it remains within full security.

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Storage Solutions for Robina

At Super Cheap Self Storage, we know that customers often hate surprises especially when it comes to price tags. Hence, we have made ready a special feature called the online storage calculator which is easy to use to help you estimate just roughly how much storage space you are going to need. Simply enter the number of items from the specific lists we have created dividing the household items into specific categories to narrow down your calculation and make your estimation even more specific. From boxes, to garage/garden, all the way to miscellaneous, enter your selections to see if you need the mini or the maxi mobile pod.
You must be thinking that this service would cost a bomb like the real platinum would but at Super Cheap Self Storage, our prices are always super cheap! Our platinum service consists of a team of professional removalists performing packing and removal to loading, transporting, and everything in between. This package is perfect for those of you out there with a tight schedule and a lack of manpower. Our professional AFRA-qualified team will bring all the supplies to your location ready to pack your items with a right-sized portable module which they will load your items to, to be delivered directly into our secure facility.
Super Cheap Self Storage always ensures that quality becomes our topmost priority at all times. Our team of professional removalists are AFRA-trained to provide quality packing, removing, transporting services to every single one of our customers. In terms of our storage facility, quality is ensured in the form of our individual storage units whereby an industrial plywood is used to build the interior to support smooth in and outflow of air inside. This way, our storage units are kept fresh to maintain a clean atmosphere where your items remain in their original condition regardless of how long they are being stored for.