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Self Storage Facility Pacific Pines

We Bring It

Our team brings the portable pod to your location

We Bring It

Super Cheap Self Storage has built-in the transportation of your self storage unit into our system. No more having to worry about how you will get things to the warehouse!

Loading It

We are here whether you decide to load the storage unit on your own or need our help.

Loading It

Our Removalists are experienced in handling all sorts of items from your home or office. Let us load your items into our moving vans while you sit back and relax

We Store It

We take the transportable unit away to our safe and secure warehouse

We Store It

Security is our main priority, so you will lock your own storage pod to gain sole access from our facility. We will transport the storage pod to our facility where it remains within full security.

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Storage Solutions for Pacific Pines

Let Super Cheap Self Storage help your business to help our business. How, you asked? Super Cheap Self Storage provides a holding area for the extra inventory space your business needs or as a holding area while your business expands into a bigger office. Super Cheap Self Storage is also the perfect facility to act as a document store room for the piles of documentation you have overpouring in the archives section of your office. Lastly, Super Cheap Self Storage could also be a long-term alternative storage plan for all the miscellaneous items your business requires on a regular basis but just does not have the necessary spot to store all of them at.
Super Cheap Self Storage liaises directly with your business so there are no hidden charges such as middlemen fees and so on. Our very own team of professional removalists will be packing, removing, and moving all of your items directly to our storage facility so you can ensure security is engaged at all times. Our mobile storage modules are equipped with a personal lock to give you that peace of mind while you are the only one to hold the key. Security continues to be practiced while at our storage facility with round-the-clock surveillance and private access for your convenience.
Looking to buy a new piece of real estate or move to another property are not cheap options if you’re running out of space in your home or office and the prices on some storage warehouse options for you might not look any more attractive. But out of the industry for self storage, you’ll be surprised at the rates that Super Cheap Self Storage is able to offer you! We’re the cheapest in town, guaranteed, or we’ll beat any other rate that you can find for the same amount of space and tenure that you’re looking at. Come and discuss with us your storage needs and find out how we offer you such an amazing deal!