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Self Storage Facility Coomera

We Bring It

Our team brings the portable pod to your location

We Bring It

Super Cheap Self Storage has built-in the transportation of your self storage unit into our system. No more having to worry about how you will get things to the warehouse!

Loading It

We are here whether you decide to load the storage unit on your own or need our help.

Loading It

Our Removalists are experienced in handling all sorts of items from your home or office. Let us load your items into our moving vans while you sit back and relax

We Store It

We take the transportable unit away to our safe and secure warehouse

We Store It

Security is our main priority, so you will lock your own storage pod to gain sole access from our facility. We will transport the storage pod to our facility where it remains within full security.

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Storage Solutions for Coomera

At Super Cheap Self Storage, it is all about our customers, always. We listen carefully to your exact storage needs and break the requirements down for you. After deriving with the specifics, you will then be able to select from our extensive list of packages to customize to your criteria.

You may choose from the traditional package that allows you to handle all the steps in your own way from packing to transportation, or choose from the standard, premium or platinum packages that allow us to assist you either in the form of packing, removal, transportation or all of the above.

At Super Cheap Self Storage, we truly understand how it feels to be tied down to an agreement term which you personally do not even know if you could commit to. It is inevitable that you might just have to amend the contractual terms halfway through the agreement period should any unforeseen circumstances were to occur. Thus, we do not bind our customers but instead we provide leeway or flexibility in our contracts so you can always amend from a long-term rental to a short-term one or vice versa without any penalty fee. Simply inform us in advance so we can prepare the necessary for you.
It is pretty straightforward when it comes to businesses. We always offer you much more savings when you spend more with us. The same rule applies here at Super Cheap Self Storage whereby our customers are offered greater savings when you sign up for a long-term storage agreement contract with us. Our package prices are much more attractive and you will realize that you get to save more as compared to repeated short-term rentals. Nevertheless, we do know that everyone’s criteria changes over time so worry not, as there are no restrictions as to whether you decide on a short-term or a long-term rental contract.