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Self Storage Facility Biggera Waters

We Bring It

Our team brings the portable pod to your location

We Bring It

Super Cheap Self Storage has built-in the transportation of your self storage unit into our system. No more having to worry about how you will get things to the warehouse!

Loading It

We are here whether you decide to load the storage unit on your own or need our help.

Loading It

Our Removalists are experienced in handling all sorts of items from your home or office. Let us load your items into our moving vans while you sit back and relax

We Store It

We take the transportable unit away to our safe and secure warehouse

We Store It

Security is our main priority, so you will lock your own storage pod to gain sole access from our facility. We will transport the storage pod to our facility where it remains within full security.

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Storage Solutions for Biggera Waters

Sometimes, you pay more than what you really need, and at Super Cheap Self Storage, we have managed to learn that fact the hard way. Hence, we do not want you, our customer, to suffer from the same poor service management, so we allow you to calculate a rough estimate of the storage space you need using our storage calculator. After selecting the individual items from the comprehensive lists we have provided, you can decide how much cubic meter of space you need and whether the mini storage module is a better option or the maxi one suits your storage needs more.
At Super Cheap Self Storage, we understand just how every single individual is unique and has varying needs. Hence, we have readily prepared a list of extensive packages which you can customize to cater to your own storage and moving needs. If you feel that you lack of manpower in the packing, moving, or loading portion, simply request for our team of experienced removalists to handle it all for you. Alternatively, you can simply opt for the traditional package whereby you do everything in your own style if you prefer. Every package differs in prices, so our objective is to let our customers choose and pay only for what you need.
At Super Cheap Self Storage, we care for our customers as much as we care for our own employees. Thus, we only employ AFRA-trained professionals who have experience for over a certain number of years. This is to ensure our safety regulations are always complied to which in turn guarantees safe handling of your valuables during moving and unloading while at the same time, the safety of our employees is also assured at all times. This is a compulsory requirement that Super Cheap Self Storage never fail to overlook during interview sessions to create a conducive work environment as well as a conducive storage facility.