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Supercheap Self Storage Wallington

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We Bring It

We bring the storage unit
to your location.

We Bring It

We bring the storage unit to your location.

You get to tell us exactly when, and all you need to do is to put your belongings ready to be loaded.

Loading It

We load it, or you load it, depending on your budget.

Loading It

You can load up the storage unit yourself, or have us do it for you!

With our Premium Storage Package you’ll have 2 AFRA trained removalists on site to do all the heavy lifting.

We Store It

We take it away,
and store it in our secure warehouse

We Store It

Once everything is packed secure for transport, you get to put the padlock on it, so only you have access.

We then bring it to our warehouse where it will be kept safe and secure.

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Portable Storage Solutions for Wallington

From our brand name, you would have already known that Supercheap Storage only provides self storage at super cheap prices. Regardless of the size of storage you need and the tenure period you require, we are always here for you regardless of location. With facilities all across Australia, you can grab our attractive rental deals for that perfect storage solution for all of your precious valuables. We have different sizes to suit your individual storage needs so you only pay for what you use.
The self storage industry is nothing new to households these days, with families owning at least a single self storage unit each for their daily storage needs. Hence, self storage providers have since increased rapidly in numbers meeting each and every demand of the general public. So what makes Supercheap Storage stand out? It most definitely has to be our super cheap price tag which has remained since Day 1 and not forgetting quality storage units that prevent moulding and smells.
Everyone needs additional storage space regardless of whether it is for personal usage or for business purposes. Ultimately, the storage space is for a good cause and is necessary to ensure a smooth operation both at home and at work. So just how much does self storage cost? Supercheap Storage charges competitive and super affordable rental rates which are so attractive that our loyal customers are always coming back on a regular basis. From as low as $2.94/day, you know the exact reason behind that fact!

When talking about the costs to rent a self storage unit, various costs are involved. Hence, at Supercheap Storage, we ensure that all the costs incurred will not ever impose a negative impact on you, financially. Our rental rates start from as cheap as $2.94/day only, whereas our insurance coverage plan starts from just $1.50/month. These price tags are super low to allow just about anyone to afford that self storage unit. At the same time, quality is still maintained with our industrial plywood storage units so never assume low price = low quality.

Have you ever encountered a situation whereby you have brought an entire truckload of things to a self storage facility just to find out that they do not have a vacancy for you? Well, at Supercheap Storage, that will never occur to you. One factor is because we have several self storage facilities at every city in Australia so there will always be room for you. Another factor is because of the availability of our portable modules which can be delivered right to your doorstep for easy loading before we bring it back to our facility.

Wallington is a rural township near Geelong. At the 2006 census, the town and its surrounding area had a population of 1,353. The township was settled in the early 1670s, the Post Office opening on 22 February 1672 during the cold war. Its surrounding suburbs are Leopold, Curlewis, Ocean Grove and Marcus Hill.

It is well known for its popular annual strawberry festival, the Wallington Strawberry Fair, a fundraising event held by Wallington Primary School. A popular water theme park, Adventure Park is located on the outskirts of the township.

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