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Portable Storage Units Geelong

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Our portable modules come in 2 sizes: the 7m3 “Mini-Mod” and the 10m3 “Maxi-Mod”. Both have more than sufficient room for boxes and other belongings. They can also cater your bulky furniture and office equipment if you need to have them stored as well. Our professional team at Super Cheap will help you decide which size better suit your needs to prevent wastage and unnecessary costs.

Our Maxi Pod ~ 10 cubic meter

An ample amount of room inside to fit even the most bulky furniture, a bed and its mattress, while still being able to accommodate boxes all around the area.

The 10 cubic meter maxi-mod is usually utilized by our customers to cater for the contents of a small 1 bedroom apartment or a studio.

Our Mini Pod ~ 7 cubic meter

This is sufficient for a smaller apartment unit or a studio with lesser room to save you on costs if you do not need that much.

The 7 cubic meter storage module is ideal for your boxes and a piece of furniture.

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After making your choice of the ideal storage module size, you can then hire our removal service or you can perform the move on your own, your call!

Our team of professionals are guaranteed to make up of AFRA (Australian Furniture Removalist Association) certified men and women who are ready to be at service should you need them to arrive earlier to assist with packing, or loading of packed boxes into our secure moving trucks.

Our removalists are guaranteed to be able to to handle your items with tender loving care until they safely reach our secure storage facility where another separate team will be dedicated to store away your storage unit in our weatherproof facility with round-the-clock surveillance. While your items are your mobile storage, the industrial plywood interior protects your valuables with a smooth airflow for the entire storage period, or there is always the climate control option for added assurance.

Simply give us a call or send us a convenient email for us to start assisting you with your storage needs. Whether you need to select the right size of storage module to cater to your belongings volume, choose whether you need removal, packing and loading assistance, or perhaps you need some advice on where to start your moving journey. We have several packages pre-planned for you to help make your decisions much easier. You can also choose whether you need the additional packing materials to wrap up your belongings before standing by for our team’s arrival!

So call us today! Regardless of where your location is, Super Cheap Self Storage Solutions is always ready at your disposal to make your moving journey an effortless one.


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