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Super Cheap Self Storage Geelong North

At Super Cheap Self Storage, We Make Sure Our Clients Stay Happy

We Bring It

We bring the storage unit
to your location.

We Bring It

We bring the storage unit to your location.

You get to tell us exactly when, and all you need to do is to put your belongings ready to be loaded.

Loading It

We load it, or you load it, depending on your budget.

Loading It

You can load up the storage unit yourself, or have us do it for you!

With our Premium Storage Package you’ll have 2 AFRA trained removalists on site to do all the heavy lifting.

We Store It

We take it away,
and store it in our secure warehouse

We Store It

Once everything is packed secure for transport, you get to put the padlock on it, so only you have access.

We then bring it to our warehouse where it will be kept safe and secure.

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Super Easy Storage Geelong

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Portable Storage Solutions for Geelong North

Super Cheap Self Storage has at least one storage facility at every Australian city, thus ensuring that everyone gets the additional storage they need. On the other hand, if you prefer, we also have the option of a mobile storage module which can be delivered to your exact location instead. Therefore, you do not even need to step into our storage facilities as we will be doing all the loading and transporting on your behalf. This way, you get to save time and money and most importantly, effort.
What are the storage options that Super Cheap Self Storage provides? We have our 7 cubic meter and our 10 cubic meter storage units that are able to withhold a studio apartment and beyond depending on the size of your valuables. Simply use our online calculator to get a rough estimation of the size you would need so you rent and pay only for what you really need. You can also select from a variety of packages of services that come along with storage like packing, removals, and so on so as to save you even more discounts.
It is nothing new in an industry that has more supply than demand. We can see such a situation occurring right here in the self storage market. With so many self storage companies opening up new facilities ever so often, how can you personally be certain to only engage the best as not to have problems in the future? Super Cheap Self Storage has had positive reviews from past clients and a credible reputation so far. Ask any local and you will bound to hear only good feedback due to our low prices and high quality self storage. So call us today!

Have you decided that you need a self storage unit but are still unsure just how much renting one would truly cost? Super Cheap Self Storage offers affordable self storage unit at only $2.94/day with a side of optional insurance coverage for just $1.50/month. With rental rates that low, nobody in the right mind would hesitate further to call us today to find out more! Fulfil your storage needs with our Super Cheap and super secure storage solutions today so as to conveniently store and retrieve your belongings any time, any day.

It is no harm to own something in excess but when it is done on an overwhelming scale, you could create trouble for yourself until you find a solution. Super Cheap Self Storage provides that very solution you need when you have excessive things at home. Do not dispose of that clutter, let us store it for you! At affordable rates and convenient locations, there is no need for you to dispose of anymore of your favourite items. Simply rent our storage units from as low as just $2.94/day and you are on your way to a neater home/office in no time.

North is a suburb of Geelong in the Australian state of Victoria with a population of 2,396 as of 2011. The head office of Australian department store, Target, founded in Geelong in 1925 is located on Thompson Road.

Osborne House was built on the shores of Corio Bay in 1858 as a private residence, later being used by the Royal Australian Navy, and is currently the home of the Geelong Maritime Museum. The Geelong Arena includes an indoor pool, basketball court capable of hosting 2000 people, and served as a venue during the 2006 Commonwealth Games basketball tournaments.

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Find out how much space you need with our Storage Calculator