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Super Cheap Self Storage Corio

At Super Cheap Self Storage, We Make Sure Our Clients Stay Happy

We Bring It

We bring the storage unit to your location.


We bring the storage unit to your location.

You get to tell us exactly when, and all you need to do is to put your belongings ready to be loaded.

Loading It

We load it, or you load it, depending on your budget.


You can load up the storage unit yourself, or have us do it for you!

With our Premium Storage Package you’ll have 2 AFRA trained removalists on site to do all the heavy lifting.

We Store It

We take it away, and store it in our secure warehouse


Once everything is packed secure for transport, you get to put the padlock on it, so only you have access.

We then bring it to our warehouse where it will be kept safe and secure.


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Portable Storage Solutions for Corio

Furniture Storage

Super Cheap Self Storage is not your regular self storage whereby customers only store their regular items at our facility. Instead, we have various sizes of storage units that you can pick to suit your storage needs. We have room for everyone, including a full 10 cubic meter storage unit that can fit up to an entire studio apartment and beyond. Prices are competitive and are always kept super cheap. If you need assistance with heavy lifting, let our professional removalists do the hard labour for you.

Super low priced Storage

Self storage is highly popular in Australia with facilities all across every city. Almost every family rents at least one storage unit as it is a good storage alternative with only a nominal monthly rental fee to pay. Super Cheap Self Storage is located conveniently at every corner of every neighbourhood, granting easy access to our customers to be able to retrieve their belongings at any time of the day. With super affordable rates, who would not want that additional storage space?

Cheap Self-storage

In every business, competition is common. What business owners need to do is to constantly come up with various marketing strategies that can win customers over. At Super Cheap Self Storage, our strategy is no gimmick and has always been the same throughout the past decade since we first embarked our journey in the self storage industry, and that is to charge Super Cheap Self Storage rental rates. From as low as only $2.94/day, anyone can start storing with us today, including you!

Super low priced Storage Units

I think by now you would have noticed that self storage is one of the most common industries in Australia and has already been treated like a commodity for some households. This is due to the vast self storage market with tight competition among facility owners. Super Cheap Self Storage alone has been in the industry for nearly a decade and the scene is uprising with constant increasing demand from the public. Therefore, to keep our current pool of clientele and to grow it even more, we promise to only charge Super Cheap prices to allow anyone to be able to store!

Cheapest Self-Storage

What is it that keeps you coming back to your current service provider? At Super Cheap Self Storage, past reviews and feedback from our customers have always shown a constant factor which has got to be our Super Cheap price tag. With storage units being rented out from as low as $2.94/day, it is not a wonder anymore that our pool of customers keep coming back for more for all of their storage needs. It is because we have got everyone covered with Super Cheap Self Storage at every single one of our location.

About Corio

Corio is a residential and industrial area, one of the largest suburbs of Geelong. The area was formerly known as Cowie’s Creek after James Cowie, an early land owner who was active in the government. The land was first subdivided and sold in 1852 as “Cowie’s Creek”. By the 1860s, Cowie’s Creek was home to two hotels and a population of 500.

A post office opened on November 16, 1864, and was renamed as Corio Post Office in 1913. The most notable industry in Corio is the Shell refinery, which opened in 1956, and later re-branded as Viva Energy Australia.

Try Our “Quick Quote” Service

Fill out your details below and we’ll give you a call back as soon as we can.

Find out how much space you need with our Storage Calculator