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Our transportable units come in 2 sizes: the 7m3 “Mini-Mod” and the 10m3 “Maxi-Mod”. Both of which have ample space for boxes and boxes of items and even your furniture and office machinery if you have those too. Again, our Supercheap helping hands will help you to determine which unit size fits your needs best and will advise you exactly what you need.


Our Maxi Pod ~ 10 cubic meter

Large enough to fit as well large furniture and still add the bed and the mattress, other furniture and lots of boxes in it.

The 10 cubic meter maxi-mod is usually enough for a small 1 bedroom apartment or a studio.

Our Mini Pod ~ 7 cubic meter

You might not need all that much volume, so with our 7 cubic meter mini-mod you only pay for the storage space you need.

The 7 cubic meter storage module is usually enough for a small unit or studio.


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After you’ve selected your portable storage unit, you can choose to use our removalists or do it on your own.

Our team of removalists are AFRA (Australian Furniture Removalist Association) certified men and women who are at your service whether you need them to come early to help you pack up your living room, bedroom and office spaces, or load boxes you’ve packed yourself into our trusty moving trucks.

Our guys are sure to handle your items with the best of care all the way until it reaches our storage facility where a fresh pair of hands will stow away your Mobile Storage Unit in our weatherproof and security-monitored warehouse. While your items are in our space, the industrial plywood housing ensure that your items are properly ventilated for as long as the unit is under our care, or you can opt for climate control if you need extra reassurance.

All you need to do is to pick up that phone or send us an email for us to assist you with what you need. From selecting a container that’s just the right size to fit all your things, to sending some manpower your way to help pack and load, even to just give you a little advice on where to start! You can even choose our pre-prepared packs that will give you enough packing material to wrap up your belongings and prepare for our arrival!

So choose us! Wherever your items may be, as long as you have Supercheap Storage Solutions by your side, you know that moving and storage will be a walk in the park.


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