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As Low As $3.25 Per Day

Our mobiles units come in 2 sizes;

  • A 7 cubic meter Mini-Mod

  • The 11 cubic meter Maxi-Mod.

Dependent upon how much storage area you want, you are not required to acquire a couple of the same sort. Our team consult with you to realize your wants, and you have got the choice to a mix of either of the two unit options.

Other questions you will probably be asked to help estimate the expense of storing can incorporate whether it’s work or a residence storage that is required, the particular duration of the storage, and if you want the common or go with the advanced service.

There are numerous elements that are factored in prior to a quotation can be presented when it comes to storage containers. The price of your module depends on the time of the year since less demanding time periods bring about discounts and discounts for you.

The period of time to book is actually another point to consider. Long-term rental would likely typically result in rates that are low. You might sometimes lower it more if perhaps advance payments is made. If you come to a decision, nonetheless, to pre-terminate the agreement, give us a good amount of notification of a month and we’ll return back the actual paid out rent payments free of charge.

Some of our most cost effective prices are to be on the web site and also rates are given totally free with no obligation. We have a couple of options, the standard service plan where you perform some of the work, and also the premium service in which our company take charge of all the essentials.

We on occasion have clientele who actually believe that they need space for storage, when in reality they usually do not. At Supercheap, we help you to acknowledge if your absolutely need one, and whether or not it is actually actually worth the cash you’ll pay over a duration of time. Because of this ,, we get to recognise your requirements and basically find a plan suitable for you.

Assess the importance of the things, for instance putting away clothing and kitchenware that has known much better days might not be worth the inconvenience or even tremendous cost.

Nevertheless, if we discover that you need it a lot more than what you are communicating to us, we will tell you and help you with different ways to economize.

Our mobile modules in Super Cheap Self Storage Adelaide are actually budget friendly and we have a good reputation as being the most excellent.

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