Climate Control And Regular Self Storage

Climate Control And Regular Self Storage

Climate control is the latest in the range of additional features which are available to you to keep your items in tiptop shape when you put them into safe-keeping at your local self-storage facility. But what exactly is the big deal with it? We look at the 2 most important factors that you need to consider when looking at climate control for your items – the TYPE of item and the COST of storing with climate control.

What items are you storing?

Now this is the most important factor to consider when you’re picking out a self storage unit. The items that you’re keeping may be determined by the climate that you live in – obviously when you have seasons of nature to contend with, the type of things you own will reflect the different temperatures you have to deal with in those hot or cold months. When we are talking about temperature sensitive items, obviously a bit of climate control may be in order to provide better protection in the long run.

Other items that may require a little bit more control in the storage environment are valuable items like furs or wines, or paintings and other art objects. Humidity and spores from moulds can be present in our environment in microscopic amounts, but they can still affect the items within storage. Climate control can limit and even freeze the effects of these outside effects on your things.

If you’re a business, then you should definitely look at climate controlled storage to protect your assets which may have cost your company a pretty penny. The more valuable or difficult the item is to come by, the higher the likelihood that climate controlled self storage units will be worthwhile for you to rent.

What’s your budget?

It’s fairly obvious that more protection for your items are going to mean increased costs of storage and the truth is, you really need to have a think about whether the extra protection is worth it! Again, this boils down to factor #1 – which is what the item you’re storing is. If you’ve got expensive items going into storage, then you may want to spend the little bit extra to ensure that the value of your items are kept as it was when it was going into storage.

If you’re a little short in the money department, there are other things that you can consider when it comes to storing your items safely without having to resort to climate control and that includes dehumidifier and vacuum-sealing your textiles. You can also ensure that items are well-cleaned and treated or prepared for long-term storage before you seal up the self storage unit!

Just as an afterthought, it’s also important to quickly think about how long you expect your items to be in storage before you take them out. The longer they are in storage without anybody checking up on them should give you the indication whether you could spot decay and damage early or whether you have to take measures to keep things fresh until someone does come to open the self-storage unit up.

At the end of the day, whether or not you decide to take on a climate controlled self storage unit, do remember that you can still take on some content insurance! Never discount the importance of taking the precaution to protect your investments or your items from damage or unforeseen circumstances. Despite the best of care that can be provided for your things, accidents and acts of God can still happen, so better to be safe than sorry!