Clearing items out Safely and Conscientiously

Clearing items out Safely and Conscientiously


No matter whether you’re packing items into self storage, perhaps to move away from home, or into the attic, or throwing rubbish our or even just to just get organized at home and tidy up, it’s always good to take some precautions and know what you’re doing. Worst thing that can happen is something slipping out of hands, or something toppling from a stack of improperly balanced boxes, we really don’t want to see anybody hurt so safety first everyone!

A first thing first is that you should always have plenty of containers, boxes and garbage disposal bags at the ready. It doesn’t matter what you’re going sort or even if you’re going to throw things away, but if it can fit in container or a bag, you should put it in there for goodness sake.

Also, this helps the items from being stolen and/or removed by others around the neighbourhood. Granted that even un-bagged or unpacked, your items may be somewhere within your house before you bring them out to the bin, but you don’t want hoodlums breaking in to rifle through your items because they spied a glinting object from looking in your windows.

Not just by vagrants and other homeless, but also by wildlife that may reside in the area. Recycling and reusing items that are meant for disposal or storage can reduce the chances of your items which are transitioning into storage or to the garbage disposal from getting scattered all over the neighbourhood; but there are still chances where raccoons, badgers, wallabies and other assortments of wildlife may be able to get into your trash even while properly bagged up because they think that there’s food.

Do set aside combustible items as well. Combustible items are normally paper based and can be used for recycling at home, without having to throw out. If you’re keeping this stuff in storage, just make sure to remember that they can be flammable and take the necessary precautions.

Maybe less of a consideration, but still just as important is that you think of the next person who will be using these items; it may even be your garbage man! If everything you’re packing up is made of dry goods, then by all means, heave them into the container. But if you’ve got a bunch of fragile and potentially messy, squishy and icky waste, then you’re definitely going to want to pack carefully and even have this stuffed bagged up in case something happens. Think about it – if you were the next person having to empty out the box or bin, you do not want to have to deal with a slushy mess! A neatly tied black garbage bag or a dry and carefully sealed box is much preferable.

That being said do take extra care of items that are to be disposed of or given away that are made of glass and other fragile materials. Even if they are meant to be thrown, you need to double bag glass refuse so that in case any accidents happen like wild animals knock over the bins or someone was a bit careless with putting the bags down, you and other people don’t get injured when handling the trash bags.

Wouldn’t it be great if everybody does their part to keep their items packed safely and conscientiously for the next person? We really hope that this article helps you to remember to do so!