How to Clear out some Space – The Store Room

How to Clear out some Space – The Store Room

Following up from the previous article from this series about the Closet, today we’re going to talk about the Store Room.

Although a vague name for this kind of room, in some houses it could mean the Garage, and in others it could be an Attic. It could just as easily be any other storage room that is specifically put aside for storage of knick knacks and items that don’t specifically belong in other rooms.

The Store Room

Depending on who’s in your family you could have so many different combinations of items here. The fathers and husbands normally stash their tools and hardware here. The kiddies have clothes racks and bicycle and sporting equipment. A fair amount of cleaning equipment like the heavy duty vacuum cleaner and mops and brooms could be kept here too, along with all the gardening shears and hoses and other such apparatus.

The easiest way to create space in the garage is to organize things into its separate categories.

For the garage, or coatroom, a mudroom bench and coat racks could easily help you to segregate the dirty items you may want people to leave at the entrance to your home so that snow and dust and mud doesn’t get tracked into the house. Besides also providing a comfortable place for people to sit and tie their laces or slip off their boots, it will also help family members to keep track of their footwear instead of having them strewn all over the entranceway.

The traditional way of keeping tools would be in a box which can sometimes become a BIG group of boxes if you are really into your handiwork. Although we know of many people who have fantastically created and sleek workspaces for screws and nails and the like, pegboards are a cheap and ingenious creations that help you to organize your tools in a vertical manner so that you don’t have to worry too much about tools being cluttered together in a drawer.

Sports equipment cages are also very useful; if you’ve got kids that play sports, there are bound to be basketballs, netballs, hockey sticks, skiing gear and all sorts of bulky odds and ends. Also not just for your sports equipment, but also as a see-through container which allows you to easily stack unbreakable items together. You can group those vacuum-sealed packs or the extra futon in here or stash away leftover wood and metal scraps together.

Overhead shelving is also a great way to create additional storage space. If you are more handy with motor mechanics, you can even make the shelving mobile so that it becomes easier to stack items on and swivel them out to a higher and out-of-the-way location. Do remember not to put items which are used too frequently up here if not it could be more of a hassle to keep putting up and taking down these items!

And when all else fails, there is always a storage solution to immediately open up spaces up to the size of entire rooms for you to store your items until you can decide what to do with them. Good Luck!