How to Clear out some Space – The Closet

How to Clear out some Space – The Closet

So you’ve run out of storage – an inevitable occurrence that will stress you out and force you to reconsider your cupboard priorities. We’ve all been there…

Hopefully things are not falling out from the closet and things aren’t bursting out from under the bed, but today we’re going to talk a little about how to start clearing out a little space for yourself in an already tight (pun intended) situation. Now it really depends on what you’re trying to clear out, and there are so many ways to go about getting different parts of the house sorted out. In the interest of a giving you a good idea of how to manage these different areas as well as possible, we’ll dissect each location and do this article in a series.

Today we’re going to talk about your closet or wardrobe.


Girls’ worst nightmare. And some guys we know too. Unless you have a celebrity style house with a walk-in wardrobe, you’re sponsored by branded labels and lots of space to spare, chances are that your closet is wall to wall full of items that may or may not have seen better days.

We all know what it’s like – that sinking feeling when you open up your wardrobe and Yup, tonnes of clothes but none to wear. Barely enough space to put more clothes in even. So what’s a fashion addict to do? It’s painful but it has to be done. Break out the black trashbag and a donation box and start looking through the clothes which may have seen you through a memorable first date or kept you warm during the last cold season.

First things first – start with the clothes that truly don’t fit and toss them out. Sometimes this means having to wear every single piece and then looking yourself in the mirror to see if you would truly ever wear those bell bottoms or crop tops of netted singlets again. As much as we all hope for our skinny youth, it’s important to be realistic and put limits to the extremes we would go to to contort into clothes which are too tight or are really out of fashion.

You should also be tossing out clothes with rips and holes in them – especially the socks and the underwear sets that you swear are your favourite/lucky pairs. Unless of course the fashion for the season calls for it, otherwise being threadbare is generally not a good idea and having these present in your clothing normally invites even more tears and accidents to accompany them.

Another good tip is to sort out your seasonal wear like the thick jackets and gloves and boots which you’ll only bring out during winter. Most of these items are made of good quality material, all the better to keep the heat in when it’s cold, unfortunately the good material takes up SO much more space than the summer cardigan or autumn pullover. However the good material means it would have also cost more to acquire and so it’s not really a great idea to just give these up to make space. Putting these items into vacuum bags and storing them away either in the attic or in a self storage unit could be a very quick way to clear out some space without actually having to throw away anything!

Where all else fails, remember that every article you throw away, frees up another hanger for more clothes to join the family! Good Luck!