How to Clear out some space – The Bookcase

How to Clear out some space – The Bookcase

This might be something a little more specific to certain groups of people because not everybody would be the sort who keeps books, or rather they will be more like mini-libraries if you’re reading this article to learn how to clear out space. However most people will still have a fair amount of paper product in their house and this could be just as applicable.

If you’ve ever been a bookworm, you would know about that secret and special spot, that safe corner somewhere in the house where they will curl up with a great book and while away hours just getting absorbed into a good story. And when the magic is broken and it’s time for dinner, or bedtime, or worse – when its reached its ending, the book gets stashed away, slowly growing into a pile of leather-bound covers, to be forgotten until who knows when.

While books these days are not fairly common, what with the Kindle and pdfs easily downloadable into a mobile device, there are a few purists who will stick to the physical version of a story. Unfortunately, not many books get reread after having been read the first time around, but many people will keep their books in a bookcase for anyone other like-minded soul who may want to borrow them.

First things first would be to do the environmentally-friendly thing and look for the moth-eaten and tattered copies that you may have. Books tend to attract silverfish and other unwelcome bugs if not taken care of well, so the ones that show the signs of wear and tear should be the first to go. While you’re flipping through the books, do take the time to look for some with pages that are falling out as well. Some just need a quick repair job with cellophane tape, but with others, you can tell when it’s time for them to go.

That being said, if there are books from your school days and you don’t have an occupation (like a doctor or a lawyer) where you have to routinely check back to literature for references, those books should go too.

Another good practice before you even get to the stage of having to sort out your bookcase is to keep your books in categories, much like a library does. Books for the children and teenagers get outgrown relatively quickly and can be put aside to be given away to the less fortunate or to a garage sale to finance the purchase of new books.

Files and loose papers should be filed neatly and together. Loose paper stacks are very airy and can take up a fair lot more space as compared to when they are neatly bound together. Besides having them organized and in order for easy reference, it makes the whole bookcase look neater and easier on the eye for everyone too!

If all else fails and you can’t bear to part with your beloved books, then a cheap and efficient way of creating space for more up-to-date collection of writings, you can always hire a portable storage unit. With little fuss or muss, you can keep your entire collection within a climate controlled environment that is guaranteed to maintain the quality of delicate paper and preserve a beautiful and dying culture of physical reading.