Can Self Storage help my Business?

The Self Storage industry started as a generic solution to the public for helping them to store items that their owners had outgrown but still wanted to keep. In the present, people have taken that wonderful idea and let it soar – to accomplish much more than what it was originally intended for. Besides furniture and personal item storage, businesses started to take note and here’s a list of reasons why!

  • An expanding business that needs equally expanding inventory space: A thriving business is always in the need for more holding space so that the business can continually keep flowing and serving its growing customer base! When there isn’t enough storage facilities available, business suffers – clients get antsy because of the delays from shipment and having to wait for new stock to come in.
  • A business needs a cheap, easy way to store documents offsite: Some countries require documents to be kept for a prerequisite period of time by law – for record purposes and also for audit. Most companies employ a good storage service to help them manage this sometimes literally huge paperweight someplace which doesn’t disrupt daily business. Documents can be easily retrieved when the auditors or legal guys come round asking to have a look.
  • When there’s remodeling/ relocating/moving going on, things need to be put SOMEWHERE: If there are walls going to be knocked out or even if there is a bit of reshuffling going around, you’re going to need a safe space to stash your files, furniture and fixtures. And you’re going to want somewhere readily available when you decide to do so. Well the Self Storage industry was made just for that! Even commercially, the storage business has been such a boon to people who are facing such issues while moving home.
  • It would be a waste to just let things sit there if they’re only used once or twice a year (seasonal)
    A business sometimes only uses items like exhibition materials only a few times a year. Other items may be required on a regular basis, but may be shipped off to other sites or are just not kept on the office premises itself. This can include heavy machinery and other rentable materials. Storage Facilities can assist the period where the items come “home” before getting sent out again.

While in the midst of carrying out your normal business activities, think about how storage units and other self storage services and facilities can create a good solution that will also help your business cut costs. Most Storage companies are able to provide you quality storage services as short or as long as you want them so that you have a good partner that will take the worries of logistics off your hands and allow you to focus on the core business processes.

Have a look around the different storage companies too. Different companies will also be able to offer you other complementary services like interstate connectivity, dismantling and reconstruction of office fixtures, special handling of sensitive or delicate equipment and assets and even discreet asset disposal services!

There’s really no limit to how Storage services can help you!