We know that once you’ve decided to take out a self storage unit, it becomes a big task to look at different companies and get a quotation that fits into your budget. At Super Cheap Self Storage, we like to advise our customers to just take the time to practice these few steps so that you can get the most out of the self storage unit you’re taking out.

  • Get a quotation
    All good self storage companies should help you to get a good gauge on how much storage space you need when you’ve put aside what you need to go into storage. This is the absolutely first thing that you need to do when you’ve decided to put your things into a storage unit because the quotation will be your benchmark for comparison across the different companies as long as things like the length of time you’re storing for and the amount of things you’re going to store remains constant across quotations.
    Needless to say, cheapest quote wins a LOT of points!
  • Declutter to save space
    To follow-up with getting a quotation, how you can reduce the amount you’ve been quoted by the self storage facility is of course to reduce the amount of things that they’re quoting on by getting rid of junk! Most self storage units go by the volume of items being stored, so the less things you’re going to store, the less space you need to rent. And we’re sure that this is not the first time you’ve been told that when you’re doing a big move, it’s the best time to really start organizing your items! In any case, we’re sure you only want to keep the things that are worth keeping!
  • Store for longer
    Like Super Cheap Self Storage, most self storage companies will be better able to predict overhead costs when people rent over the long-term. And because customers assist with the longevity of the company, the chances are that longer tenures of rental for the self storage units like 2 to 3 years will be charged at a much lower price than say for example a shorter term of 1-2 months.
  • Wait for promotional periods
    A lot of people who store things in self storage actually do so because they have a lot of off-season items that are taking up precious garage space! Think about that summer kayak, you can’t use that when the lakes are frozen over! And what about all your winter furs and thick sweaters? Surely they can be put away to give you a bit more space in the cupboard when Spring comes right? Anyway, most self storage companies are a glad to throw promotions around the time when season change so just keep your eyes peeled for a good deal!

There are a lot of other ways to keep the costs of your self storage unit low, but it’s always a good idea to do your research – take your time to look around if you can and check with the self storage managers if there is anything else that can be done! We know that you’re on your way to a fruitful journey with Self Storage so hang in there!