“Oh I get by with a little help from your friends…” as one famous song by an English rock band would say. Moving is not only about the help you will get from people, but it also in advance planning. Moving to a new home requires lots of planning, organising, help and the money to pay for it all. If you are moving soon, follow these simple tips to avoid getting too frazzled from all the packing and organising. Who knows – by following some of these tip, you will not only avoid exhaustion, but also raise some money to at least defray some costs in moving and storage solutions.

  • Enlist your family and friends – as much as we hate to ask for help, moving house just isn’t possible without a little help from your friends and family. Do give them time to plan ahead by sharing your schedule of clearing your clutter, packing, moving and unpacking. If you can, you may assign some tasks.
  • Begin your cleaning and preparation as soon as possible. This should always start with a big cleanup of your home. You may need to allot time to clear your items, organise a garage sale or have these picked up for Salvation Army. You may even plan when to engage a self storage facility so that you do not waste time and money by leasing it for too long.
  • Make a list of everyday and important items and set them aside so you can use them in your new home as soon as you arrive. You may need to pack these separately and label accordingly. You also need to plan the items that you are currently using and not accidentally pack these away for storage.
  • Give away and sell as much as you can – the less you have to bring with you, the easier your move will be. By organising a garage sale, you can raise money to pay off the movers or the self storage facility.
  • If you are going to renovate, consider putting some belongings in storage to make it easier. You need to take note of the items that you really need and those that you need to give away. Make sure that you are not keeping items that you do not find any use in the future. This will save you some space and money when renting a self storage facility. The lesser the items, the smaller the place you need to get.
  • Clean all your interior curtains and blinds before the move so they are ready to hang when you arrive. If it is not an inconvenience to be left with no curtains during your last few days, then plan to have these cleaned so that by the time you arrive at your new place, you are just ready to hang these up.