What Can You Use Self Storage Units For?

It seems like there’s a big hooha about what self storage can do for people, but it’s just a big space for things. Isn’t it?

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Things You Need To Know About Self Storage

What is up with the self storage industry these days? What are all these new services that are being added on and are they really of any use to me? In the good old days, people were absolutely contented with how their traditional self storage companies were serving them. Why did things have to go […]

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How To Use The Internet To Help In Your Self Storage Search

Let’s use the internet to make our journey to using Self Storage that much simpler!

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Expanding The Sydney Storage Facility

Having been with Super Cheap Self Storage from the very beginning, there have been lots of moments for the pioneer team of us when we started out. Lots of ups and downs for sure but one of the best moments that has stuck with me vividly until now must be the moment when we moved […]

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Seasonal self storage more popular with homeowners.

As seasons change so do people's lifestyles. As modern homes grown smaller storage facility storage of items that see only seasonal use is becoming more popular.

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Preparing your automobile for storage – part two: long term storage.

Storing your car for a period of more than three months requires specialized preparation, though it is nothing you can't do for the most part by yourself. In part two of our guide we will discuss touring cars for periods of over six months.

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Preparing your automobile storage – part one: short term storage.

Leaving a car immobile for any period of time without proper preparation can result in expensive damage. With a little effort and planning almost any automobile can be stored safely and in working condition.

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Saving the world ecological diversity – a storage space more important than the rest.

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault located above the Arctic Circle in Norway is a global repository for the Earth's genetic plant diversity.

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Large corporations are seeing the benefit of temporary self storage.

It might seem illogical but many large corporations find temporary self storage to be a beneficial logistical solution not only for their business and customers to their employees as well. Corporate level storage now accounts for a large percentage of temporary self storage business.

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Self storage auctions – what you need to know – part 2

More popular than ever, self storage options can be a profitable experience, but only for those buyers who worked diligently and follow a few simple rules. This article will discuss what to do once you have picked and won a self storage unit auction.

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