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About Mark Sindone

Motivated is Mark Sindone middle name and he definitely is when you take stock of all that he’s been able to achieve at the young age of 22. To begin with, Mark is a highly successful businessman. While managing to finish his degree in commerce at the University of Sydney, he was also able to take on the Supercheap Storage Sydney, Inner West franchise and build his outlet in the Inner West Suburbs of Sydney from the ground up, while studying the entire time. When he was done with his commerce degree, Mark went on to take up a Law degree and is just a couple of years shy from graduating for the 2nd time. At the same time, he was researching for a business prospect to take up upon graduating and stumbled across the Supercheap Storage concept of mobile storage. The idea was fresh and ground-breaking - not a lot of the existing self storage companies had thought of expanding their core business services to this level. And what a difference it made... Supercheap Storage these days climbs steadily in the self storage market in Sydney because of the level of quality service that they are able to offer their customers when it comes to self storage. Customers don’t have to look far for a storage solution that can meet all their needs under one roof!

Things You Need To Know About Self Storage

What is up with the self storage industry these days? What are all these new services that are being added on and are they really of any use to me? In the good old days, people were absolutely contented with how their traditional self storage companies were serving them. Why did things have to go […]

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Storing a Hot Air Balloon

As a business owner, Mark Sindone oversees the majority of the day to day operations at the Inner West Sydney Supercheap Storage facilities and also sometimes gets to personally work with the clients in settling the administrative procedures of settling into the storage units and also working through unique situations like one-of-a-kind items that need to find a protective space within the walls of the Supercheap Storage plywood mobile storage unit.

By |November 16th, 2014|Storing|

Self storage auctions – what you need to know – part 2

More popular than ever, self storage options can be a profitable experience, but only for those buyers who worked diligently and follow a few simple rules. This article will discuss what to do once you have picked and won a self storage unit auction.

By |October 29th, 2014|Business Storage, long/short term, Storage Facilities|

Self storage auctions: what you need to know – part 1

More popular than ever, self storage options can be a profitable experience, but only for those buyers who worked diligently and follow a few simple rules. This article will discuss our best to choose and bid on a self storage unit that is for auction.

By |October 28th, 2014|long/short term|

Moving House Including The Toddlers Can Be A Handful

Moving on your own is already a challenge. You have to schedule everything accordingly in order not to miss any items on your checklist. This is even becomes harder when you and your partner are both working professionals and take turns taking care of the child. But moving requires a timely planning as there are […]

By |July 14th, 2014|Moving|

5 Tips On How To Pack a Removal Box

When you pack removal boxes to store in self storage containers or units, you need to consider several factors.

By |October 2nd, 2012|Packing|

How To Pack Appliances

Packing appliances is practically an art form. If you think about how much some appliances cost, you’ll agree it’s an art worth learning.

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