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Our mobile self storage units come in two popular sizes

the 7 cubic meters Mini-Mod and the 11 cubic meters Maxi-Mod.

The Maxi Mod is large enough to fit in the contents of a studio flat or a big office. You could rent a combination of both sizes and have varying lengths of lease, depending on your need.

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Although these are standard sizes that we have, we know that there are other means to customize the services we provide – the period you need, the mix of sizes you require, and the premium services you would want as value-adds. This also depends whether you require them for personal or business use.

Together with the purpose you have in mind for your self storage Brookvale needs, you can book your mobile storage modules depending on the length of time you require these. We do not have any locked-in contracts that would work to your disadvantage. If you would like to pre-terminate an existing agreement, just give us a month to seek for a new renter, and you could get the remaining balance of your unused rent. Leases can run on a weekly basis, or monthly basis.

  • Supercheap Storage Northern Beaches
  • Company Owner: Cameron Robertson
  • Phone: (02) 9114 8552
  • Address:
    • 97/93 South Creek Road
    • Dee Why NSW 2099
    • Sydney, Australia
  • Opening Hours:
    • Mo to Fr: 9:00 – 17:00
    • Sa: 9:00 – 12:00
  • As Low As $19 per week

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It’s important to ask the right questions before booking with regards to when you can access the movable self storage unit, and the opening times of the facility itself.

We also offer premium services at minimum costs like sturdy and durable packaging materials that could very protect your items. We ensure that your items are delivered back to you in the same state that you placed in our safekeeping. From experience and the demand of our two popular transportable units, we know that these can accommodate large items like wardrobes and double mattresses.

If we give much attention to our packaging materials, you can imagine the greater attention we provide to the kind of portable self storage modules you rent – these are designed to withstand environment changes and any kind of safety breach as these are made of high-quality materials and secured with locked that could not be uncompromised anytime. Thus, your contents are highly secured in a fully-gated warehouse that adds to your peace of mind.

Our mobile modules are not made of porous materials that allow moisture and air to seep in. As you may know, once moisture gets to your items, moulds could end up destroying your valuable possessions. There are transportable self storage pods available for storing valuable family heirlooms, antique furniture, and expensive sound systems or similar.

You can load your items while these remain on the back of a truck and once you are done, these are moved back to the warehouse for safekeeping. Mobile storage modules are extremely long lasting and as you lock it yourself and keep hold of the key no-one else has access to the contents unless you give the go-ahead. As an additional safety precaution to ensure the same state of your items the moment they arrive and leave our warehouse, the mobile storage modules are kept on an elevated plane to prevent ground moisture from leaking in. They are suitable for family goods, private items, crucial documents, or costly machines as they keep the contents inside dry and in the same condition no matter how long they are left.

Despite having two sizes in stock for storage needs, by giving us a call we would be able to advise properly if you need more than one movable self storage unit or if you require varying sizes at varying lease periods. Our experts will be able to guide you in making a decision befitting your needs. It is best to know of the various factors that would affect your decision to get a portable storage unit and we ensure that you have the right information and details in order to make that decision. These factors will also be determining the price that you are going to pay at the end of day. The material it is constructed from is especially important as moisture could cause serious harm to items and even destroy some of it.

At Supercheap Northern Beaches our movable modules are constructed from industrial-strength plywood because it is a material that breathes, unlike metals and plastics often used in units used by other storage companies.

Security is another crucial issue; with the Supercheap system it is only you that’s responsible for locking the mobile pod after it has been loaded. It remains locked until you open it, making sure all your belongings are safe and sound.

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