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We offer convenient, mobile and cheap self-storage services.

We are here to ensure that your belongings remain in the best condition without any hiccups.

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Supercheap Self Storage Geelong

You would often come across self storage companies that only grant restricted access, but Supercheap Self Storage Geelong gives customers round-the-clock access to you to our facilities 6 days a week with no added costs.

Our self storage facilities are open from 8AM to 4PM on weekdays and from 9AM to 12PM on Saturdays. Do inform us at least 2 business days in advance so that we can prepare your respective storage unit for your full access. Should you require any dispatch services while at it, our concierge service is at your service.

Our self storage centers are self-locked, secure, with round-the-clock surveillance, so you can rest assured of the level of security of your valuables with Supercheap.

At Supercheap Self Storage Geelong we prioritize our customers’ well-being and pure convenience. We offer instalment payment plans for self storage, and there are no restricted contracts. You can store your valuables any amount of days up to even a decade long. The longer you store, the lower our rates are to you.

The variety of choices, super-competent service, professional advice and the guaranteed assurance make Supercheap Self Storage Geelong the ideal way to store your valuables for as long as you might require.

We have 3 collection timings daily. Earliest slot: 7 – 8AM, Morning slot: 9 – 12PM and Afternoon slot: 1 – 4PM.

If you are planning to stay within your budget, let us know. Supercheap Self Storage Geelong can assist in your financial planning. If you happen to select a collection slot that coincides with another customer, you can divide the costs with them and reap savings.

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Supercheap Storage Geelong

Our professional removalists are AFRA (Australian Furniture Removalist Association) trained and qualified. Rest assured that they will get the job done by practicing safety precautions, efficiency and tender loving care.
The purpose of our portable self storage units is to provide convenience to you as you need to load them up only ONCE. Simply load your belongings and arrange them right there and then before we bring them directly to our storage facility. This will prevent delays in delivering your portable unit so you get to save time and reap savings too while at it. The same procedure is done during retrieval of your items. We will deliver your portable unit right to your doorstep for easy unloading to save you the time and effort.
We have made available packing materials for your easy usage without any additional charges at your end. This is to provide a one-stop service centre for all of your storing/moving needs without any need for extra services or costs.

You can choose to pack and load your own belongings or get our professional removalists to help. Our team can also provide advice on guidelines that you can take so you can rest assured that your belongings will always be safe and secure in your mobile unit even while in transit. As for packing materials, we have an entire store full of boxes, markers, and tape for purchase. The boxes we sell are of a high quality grade which are sure to protect your items securely.

Adding on to that, we have also equipped our stores with moving/storage necessities like padlocks, tapes and packing materials for those items that need extra care.

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