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 Not only are we the best in our field but we also like to think we are different. We have a unique approach to the world of storage and hopefully this is demonstrated in our services and how we set up our systems.

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Call Us: 1300 662 162

Within the packing and moving industry, Supercheap Storage Adelaide has earned itself a prominent name due to its broad experience and pledge for excellence. One of our main advantages that set us apart from other storage companies is that we offer a premium service and a business service for clients who require that little extra.

After years and years of working in the storage industry we know the pitfalls and the complaints customers have of the systems generally in place, how they are the ones that have to hire a truck, load their things on to it, and then drive it to some far away warehouse that will more than likely be difficult to find. They lose a day of work organizing all this themselves and possibly even money from loss of earnings.

We listened carefully to their complaints and decided we could do something to change this old-fashioned system of storage. And so when we went solo we designed our own system and simplified it to make it easy to use and effortless to understand, one that favours the client and not us. We kept our prices as low as possible to make storage an option for those on a budget including students, young families and anyone else who has to watch the pennies but is still in need of this kind of service at certain points in life.

Another way we stand out from the crowd is that we are a conscientious company that tries to minimize the effect it has on our surroundings. As a carbon neutral company our objective is to keep our environmental impact to a minimum. We achieve this in a variety of ways.

  • We deal with all the transportation. This means we come to your location to drop off and pick up the module which enables us to deliver and pick up a number of mobile storage in Adelaide en-route. This saves individual movers having to arrange their own transportation to and from the warehouse storage facility adding to traffic on the road and wasting gas.
  • We try and incorporate green practices into our working day as much as possible. Some of the ways we achieve this is by replacing standard light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs and using recycled materials wherever possible. We have recently set up an on-site recycling centre in our warehouse and in our offices.

Request a quote and once we know all the details the price we give you will be fixed. There are no extras tacked onto the bill at the end of the contract or any hidden add-ons under the heading of ‘admin’. We outline all potential costs and fees in the initial quote so you know exactly what you are up against.

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